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Community engagement

Parents can be involved in the following ways

Governing Council:

All DfE preschool are managed by a volunteer management committee comprising President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and members.

The governing council is responsible for internal financial management, fundraising and helping make decisions about facilities and resources that affect your child.

Helping out:

We encourage your involvement in the centre as much as possible. Your involvement will make our centre a better place.

Special events:

During the year we will hold special events for your child and family. Your help and attendance is greatly appreciated.



Parks Children’s Centre is proud to be a partner of the Paint the Parks & Gardens REaD program. This program is a joint initiative of the Department of Education children’s centres and schools in the Inner West Partnership, The City of Port Adelaide Enfield and Uniting SA. We are also supported at events by a range of other community organisations.

In 2015 children across our community grew an egg by reading, singing, talking, and dancing with it in our children’s centres, childcare centres, libraries, and community spaces. Parker is the program mascot whose role it is to promote the importance of reading, talking, singing, rhyming, and playing with children every day from birth.

Parker shares a monthly message about ways families and educators can support children’s literacy development and we use these messages within our program.


We aim to have Parker visit each term as part of the project. We will also promote Paint the Parks & Gardens REaD events and holiday programs that Parker is involved in.

We have a ‘book swap box’ located in the foyer where children can borrow a book and families can bring a book they no longer want and swap it for another from the box.

Community development

Children’s Centres have a Community Development Coordinator who is available to support and encourage parents and families to actively participate in all aspects of the centre.

Our Community Development Coordinator also partners with other agencies to plan and organise a range of programs including:

  • Playgroups
  • Parenting programs
  • Community events

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